Tag had its beginnings in New Zealand as a private company known as ‘The Anthony Group’ (for which Tag is an acronym). The Chairman, Peter Wise, has been involved with the group since 1971.

By 1981 elements of the group had been listed in New Zealand and Tag Corporation Ltd was created as a listed investment vehicle late in 1983. In mid 1986, Tag Corporation was one of the top-performing shares on the New Zealand Stock Exchange as the result of a number of innovative public offerings that were the precursors to what are today known as stapled shares and share warrants.

In the late 1980’s, Tag Pacific Limited was established and listed on the ASX. It became the parent company of the group and in 1990 the head office was moved from New Zealand to Sydney.

Tag is an investment house with a history of innovation. It has experienced and capable personnel whose core competency is taking existing businesses or processes; identifying elements of value or potential; and then melding them to maximise inherent value.

The company has a medium to long term approach to investment and works closely with the businesses it has invested in, assisting them to expand into new markets and supporting them.

In recent years Tag has sought fresh investment opportunities as part of a new forward-looking investment program which has evolved from being a strategic investor with diversified investments to a strategic investor with focussed investments.

After successfully selling its investments in interior building products (Potter Interior Systems and Comprador Pacific); health IT (iSoft); and technology consulting (Unique World Group and RecordPoint Software), Tag’s focus is now on power.